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Posted on Mon, 28 Mar 2016 by KiM

Jo and I are still in long weekend mode trying to recuperate from all the chocolate and general bad-for-you food that was consumed so I leave you with this fabulous home I spotted on Elle Decoration Sweden’s website. It is vintage Swedish with a twist. Instead of pale wood against a white backdrop this home is filled with teak/mahogany tones which really pop. With some classic mid-century chairs, funky lighting, industrial and rustic touches it’s pretty spot-on in my books. (styling: Edin Memic Kjellvertz, photos: Andrea Papini)

OMG Where do you guys find these places?!?! Ah-MAZE-ing.

Axie says:

That kitchen! The rest is pretty great, too, but oh that kitchen!!

BertR says:

Wow, brings back memories. In pic#3 from top one can just make out a ceramic tile Masonry Furnace on the right.

Great interior

Jared Hayden says:

It's wonderful. It flirts with all the Scandi/Bohemian/Rustic cliches, but the execution is so impeccably resolved, it manages to transcend them. Bravo!

Debby says:

Love everything about this!

linda says:

I am worried for the turntable sitting on the records perched precariously on the little speaker.

Of course, they have a second turntable in the bathroom (very admirable).

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