My credenza makeover

Posted on Wed, 5 Oct 2016 by KiM

Yesterday I shared my dining room makeover, so today I thought I would show you what happened to my credenza. Some may love, some may hate, but it’s working for now so I am going to enjoy it until I can maybe afford something fancy. 

Soon after we moved in I noticed Benjamin Curran was selling a bunch of pieces of this walnut veneer (??) vintage furniture in Montreal so off we went with my mom’s massive SUV and trailer and picked up this credenza, a headboard, 2 side tables and an armoire. All for an awesome price (or free because some of it he just wanted to get rid of). I loved the somewhat brutalist pattern in the doors and still do, and it fits PERFECTLY in this alcove (7′ long). It has SO much storage with pull out drawers behind the doors on the left and right sides and drawers down the centre. 

Pre-makeover of the room it was pretty cute. But then we went and refinished the floors grey. Then I had that hemlock dining table made (blonde and grey wood). After that the orange tones of this credenza were just AWFUL. We looked into buying Ikea kitchen cabinets to fit in the alcove and getting a marble top made but the cabinets alone with shelving/drawers inside would have been over a thousand dollars. YEAH. NO. And I could not find anything this long that wasn’t a gazillion dollars. 

After much thought, I committed the worst crime of all and painted the credenza. It was a bitch of a job but in the end, saved me a ton of money until I can afford something totally fabulous. 

I painted it Black Blue by Farrow & Ball that I used on the alcove windows and doors. I figured this was the safest colour choice, and I wanted the dining table to stand out and this to blend in more. It sat like this with an unfinished top for several months. Why you ask? Because I was determined to purchase a piece of white carrara marble for the top because I am obsessed with white carrara marble. Husband called around and we got several insane quotes for around $3,000. UH NO THANKS. Seriously?! We managed to find one place who offered to cut us the piece we needed for $800. I was game, and we visited their warehouse, then the showroom, then the warehouse, then the showroom (why we had to do this I still don’t know) and several emails in between and I was all CAN YOU JUST CUT ME A DAMN PIECE OF MARBLE ALREADY? So guess what happened? Absolutely nothing. After a few emails asking when our marble would be ready, we never received a response. I was fed up at this point and decided these people could go to hell, and I came up with a PLAN B. I enlisted husband to search online for a really nice looking white marble contact paper. And he found a roll on eBay for a grand total with shipping of $50.77. 

I was nervous that I would screw up the measurements and cutting but I managed to do a decent job.

I had curled the ends over the side in this photo and not done the front yet, but I realized this would not fly as this paper was VERY thick so I cut the sides off and re-cut separate side pieces. The beauty of this whole project is that this credenza had this raised part on the top so when covered in the paper it looks like a really thick piece of marble. I think in the end this looks better than if I had of stuck a piece of marble on this already raised top. 

I sooo dig the pattern on the front of this beast. Too bad I didn’t shut the middle drawer tight. YEESH!

Here’s a detail shot of the marble pattern. There are some air bubbles that I need to poke out, and I probably should have installed it with one of those squeegee things to really get the air out but I was a contact paper virgin and didn’t know any better. 

And voilà! My credenza transformation. 🙂

Dana D says:

I think it's awesome…truly. Looks elegant and chic painted. Fits there so nicely. Love the top and say don't put another piece on top of that already-recessed piece.

Who really cares about the original wood or how much the thing does or does not cost?

KiM says:

Thanks everyone! XO

Amy Madeline says:

I am usually against painting mid century modern, but I love this piece in black! It emphasizes the incredible details in a very modern way. Makes me think of the fascinating black painted objects sculpture of artist Louise Nevelson. And I love how it contrasts with the Calamine walls which are so soft and lovely. Another option for the top, when you are ready for a change, it to cut a piece of antique mirror glass to size. I think it would jive with your modern meets moody meets retro style. And bounce some light from your awesome arachnid chandelier!

Silje says:

See, at first i thought: "NO, why would you ever paint it?!" and then I saw the floors, and now I completely love what you've done with it.

Anna says:

This is amazing! And the marble is the coolest finishing touch. You're so imaginative and creative!

ombia says:

I am always for good paint! Alaways. Good is white, black and grey.
Everything else can go.
So – great work!

JeanzBeans says:

Absolutely fabulous and kudos to you for going for your vision and what you love best!! 🙂

Looks fantastic!! No reason to ever get anything else for that nook I say! I don't know why people get so upset about what other people do with their own furniture. You shouldn't need to apologize for painting something that's yours to begin with.

KiM says:

Thanks again everyone! You're all making me not regret my decision AT ALL. 🙂

Shirley at the Abadin B&B says:

Kim, I think it looks fantastic !! Great job!

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