Kim’s favourite living rooms 2018 – part 2

Posted on Wed, 2 Jan 2019 by KiM

xavier reis says:

Love the living room by Paul Raeside.

b says:

Color is strategically used by Henrietta.
I don’t like all she does but this stands out.
Color is stategy, after all, color on cereal boxes, cometics, clothing, textiles, and can even be healing. And those Regency, or Empire chairs certainly add! The floor is saturated and well equal to the green vitality of the ceiling and she throws this perfect dynamic off by adding the surprise curtains. Well done!

b says:

Re: Henirietta Southam. Actually, no, upon studying this room, if you place you left hand over the curtains, you will see stasis, upon lifting your hand, you see the dynamic, is what I mean. And how the color moves up from the rug on the furnishings, pillows.
This is superb.

KiM says:

Henrietta is incredibly talented. I’m a HUGE fan.

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