Monday’s pets on furniture

Posted on Mon, 14 Oct 2019 by KiM

If you would like to participate in the Monday’s pets on furniture series please send photos, your name, location and a brief description to kim[at]desiretoinspire[dot]net, or hashtag your photos on Instagram with #dtipetsonfurniture. Thanks!

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Look who I found taking naps! 🐶 – – – 2 of our pups are snoozing in here as it's nice and cool, thanks to @tiltsmarthome blinds. #sponsored – – – It used to get SO hot with the afternoon sun just heating up the house, but with these blinds I have been able to #getsmart by setting them to temperature sensitive settings! – – – They close when the temperature hits the level I selected in the app, which not only helps keep the bedrooms cooler but also my energy bill down. – – – Definitely check out @tiltsmarthome blinds if you are in the market for super easy to use, smart solar blinds! – – – And make sure to check out my stories to see the temp control settings in the app + watch how easy they are to use! – – – I am thrilled with these so far and am loving them as are the younger human and furry members of the fam! #tilt – – – – – – #livecolorfully #bohemianhome #bohemiandecor #myinterior #apartmenttherapy #showemyourstyled #sodomino #interiorswithpersonality #persuepretty #myhousebeautiful #currenthomeview #mycovetedhome #mycuratedaesthetic #myeclecticmix #bohoismyjam #interiorwarrior #crashbangcolour #gofinding #uohome #theeverygirlathome #planteriordesign #interiors444 #interior123 #boholiving #boldbohemians #styleithappy #Howyouwow

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Ta Dah! Introducing . . . MARIE! Let me just say for the record & w/ mucho gusto THIS PAINTING ROCKS THE HOUSE! For those not in the know, I’ve been unveiling this stunning art gifted to me by @pennyfeathersvintage in small snippets thru stories over the past few weeks & I assure you it’s been very difficult for me to keep it a surprise as I’m mostly v bad @ surprises. Debbie painted this pearly pink & metallic QUEEN BEE complete w/ El Doggo aka His Royal Highness Bees specifically for my office & based on the colors, décor & my request for something full of over-the-top fanciful fun. I had v little input, other than to tell Debbie I like butterflies, dragonflies, Bees & bees, feathers, lots of floofy stuff & bling, bling, bling & more bling. The rest was an absolute surprise as I love seeing the results of artistic license. But w/ out further ado, on to the important stuff as this super talented painter has generously agreed to do a custom painting for . . . one of you! The rules & regs are straightforward. First, follow @pennyfeathersvintage . Second, scroll thru the fantastic paintings on her grid & figure out what style(s) & colors are your favorites. Third, drop a comment on this post about what type of custom painting you would request & most importantly, what you love about her art & why you want it in your house. Be sure to tag anyone else who you think might like to throw their hat in the ring. That is all. Debbie will select the winner based on the comments, w/ help from me only if she wants my opinion. I’ll open up more comments again on Tuesday in connection w/ a post including another fab & v unique painting by Debbie & then we’ll close the contest a few days thereafter. This giveaway is not sponsored by anyone other than Debbie & me, & all that fine print stuff. The painting will be unframed. In the meantime, swipey for a closer look @ my new v regal painting, which APROPOS I’ve named Marie after the infamous queen who really did not say “let them eat cake” btw. Good luck & have fun! 🐝👑💃

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Lots of lengthy, in depth discussions happen here (with cat friend included). Last night’s topic: What is a VSCO girl?…….Well, now I know. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . Have you gathered any new knowledge from a young person in your life? Share below- I swear sometimes they are speaking a different language. 💗 . . . . . . #girlsroomdecor #myinteriorstyletoday #myhomevibe #ragdollsofinstagram #mystylishspace #interiorinspo #interiorstyling #interiordecor #howivintage #myhouseandhome #homestyling #colourmyhome #interiorinspiration #eclecticdecor #eclectichome #styleithappy #myeclecticmix #stopandstaredecor #interiors4all #interiors123 #myeverydaymagic #stylishhomevibes #myinteriorvibe #myvintageinterior #myvintageabode #sorealhomes #bedroomstyling #bedroominspo

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We just had ten hours sleep. TEN HOURS! Guess we needed that. And Winston who slept pretty much all day yesterday (fast asleep inside while we were in the garden) is still asleep. I guess he's not quite over the trauma of watching us remove all of our possessions from his home. Any tips for helping getting a dog through a house move? He is not going to be happy when we move into a building site next week… . . . #livingroomdecor #livingroominspo #myhomevibe #bhghome #apartmenttherapy #mydomaine #planetlivingetc #interior_design #interiorismo #interieur #interiores #myinterior #interiorinspiration #botanicalhome #elledecor #styleithappy #sassyhomestyle #mygorgeousgaff #luxuryinteriorsonabudget #finditstyleit #rockininteriors #styleitdark #deliciousdarkdecor #darkinteriors #walltowallstyle #nestandthrive #rockmystylishhome #houseplantclub #houseplanthome #dtipetsonfurniture

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IT’S FRIDAY’S FEATURE PRESENTATION & if you love historic homes & many abundances of white wash w/ big ‘n burly SMPTE bar splashes of rainbow color, the gorgeous Dundas, Ontario-based @pattipeetzinteriors will make your day. BUT what might surprise you is that this luminous & sunshiny light, bright & airy 160-year-old 3,500 sf home has been a set location for several tv shows of the paranormal & mystery varietals (most unexpected me thinks for a house that doesn’t look anything like a coffin inside a Transylvanian castle & the end of a dark & twisty road w/ bats flying around 🦇🦇🦇 BUT perhaps I’m being v stereotype-y? 🤷🏼‍♀️) Proprietress- in-chief of this lovely Crayola pack of cracking fabulous preternatural delight (& apparently venue for more than one ghosty 👻) is, of course, Patti Peetz, an artist & interiors stylist extraordinaire who does décor consultation for her hubs contractor/renovation biz. Patti & her fam – which includes 4 grown kiddos, 2 grand kiddos, 2 kitties, a 139-lb Great Dane named Max & itty bitty tea cup poodle called Spanky – have lived in this groovy mod squad pop art pad for 17 years after buying it as an old-house fixer-upper & adding on to it over the years. Per Patti, her style mutates but currently her heart belongs to a mash up of the mid century modern & boho rustic aesthetics w/ of course her distinctive rock ‘em sock ‘em blasts of highly saturated primary colors & all their derivatives thrown in for good measure. A self-professed picker (aka hunter & gatherer of vintage odds & ends), Patti used to sell out of an antiques market booth but recently had an epiphany by which she discovered her INNER ARTISTE & since has unleashed all its powers thanks to her art teacher @debbeshanninstudio . Now her newest venture is art sales, and if you swipey to pics nos. 4-6 you shall see paintings by Patti, two of which she’s already sold (I love the polka dot lips painting btw). So if you are keen on increasing the far-out fabulous factor of your scroll, give the lovely Patti a follow & your heart shall burst w/ even more of the DAILY HAPPY. 🌈🌈🌈

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And some from me. Mimin loves to hang out behind my computer (a great hiding spot from the ferals) but she’s so tiny and black so I often forget she’s there until she pops her head around my monitor and scares the shit out of me. Felix was sitting in beautiful sunlight in the living room the other day then stared up at my pot of mums and I managed to snap the perfect post before he took off. Sunday mornings I usually end up enjoying coffee in bed surrounded by cats and taking pics of their ridiculousness. This snap of the 2 semi-feral brothers was my favourite of this past Sunday.

April Truman says:

again, a great way to start the day and week. just love these posts.

Pauline Turville says:

Took me ages to see Mimin .. haha!!

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