Ballroom house

Posted on Fri, 17 Apr 2020 by KiM

Today I’m sharing another prime example of how incredible original details can look whilst modernizing through furnishings and art etc. Designer Claire Larritt-Evans turned this 1880s former dance school in Melbourne into a drop-dead gorgeous family home. Elegant yet chic and current, it may be a bit minimal but it is brought to another level with the beautiful stained glass windows, fireplace and tile floor. (Aside from, well, everything here I’m head over heels for the ball/chain detail in the kitchen and the bedding)

Photos: Eve Wilson

Melanie D Millar says:

OMG that metal mesh curtain in front of the backsplash niche is genius!

axie says:


Rainy says:

I like almost everything here, but not the artwork. (I keep seeing people putting up what I consider ugly artwork in many spreads.) Thanks.

Asha says:

I was just about to write the same thing! Fantastic space, great furniture, and terrible artwork, which is indeed a common theme with these posts. I think building a strong art collection is separate from other aspects of interior design. You can’t just order a big box o’ “art”; it’s something has to be more carefully considered over a long period of time.

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