A palace for sale in Amelia, Italy

Posted on Sun, 2 Apr 2023 by KiM

In the historic center of Amelia we offer a perfectly preserved period residence. On the lower floor, mosaics from the Roman era have in fact been discovered and restored, bearing witness to the fact that the Palazzo stands on the foundations of an ancient Domus. Going up one level, you enter the cellars with ceilings covered with barrel vaults, dating back to the Middle Ages. The next two levels are from the Renaissance period and the hall on the main floor with its beautiful frescoes and floors deserves particular mention. The top floor, surmounted by a tower, is from a more modern era.

Why settle for a castle when you can have a palace!!! 16 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms and 23,681 sq ft of jaw-dropping architecture. Can you imagine being able to say your home has Roman era tile?!!! I’m dead. Listed @ €2,500,000 via James Edition.

Maus Park House is a restored and renovated 1850’s Regency and Georgian style home in Paris, Ontario owned by antiques dealer Douglas Stocks. That explains the magnificent collection of antiques throughout the home and the architectural details of this home make it quite special. And the gardens are the perfect addition to continue the beauty outside as well. Design consultancy by Susan Burns Design.

A New York City family apartment

Posted on Thu, 30 Mar 2023 by KiM

This extensive remodel joins two abutting apartment units in the heart of New York City, crafting a creative sanctuary for a growing family of artists and entrepreneurs. Inspired by the functional compartments of vintage travel trunks, the design focuses on efficient and highly adaptable uses of space that allow for opening up and closing down. As a corner property, the original units’ natural spatial idiosyncrasies were resolved by implementing a long, linear circulation core, from the entryway to the living room, with an organic architecture that strategically delineates service and play. Characterized by its curved casework, collaborations with the artist-owner on custom wallpapers, and its modern furniture selections, the Chelsea apartment is an incredibly personalized, family-friendly home.
I love how fun and energetic this home is, as well as the elements of drama because I love me some good dramatic moments. Designed by Le Whit. Photos: Nicole Franzen.

 Modern Tudor style in New York

Posted on Tue, 28 Mar 2023 by KiM

Based in the quaint town of Larchmont, NY, a suburb of Manhattan, this home was built from the ground up in collaboration with DeGraw and Dehaan Architects and Aurora Builders. After much brainstorming and early conceptual meetings, the design team decided a modern interpretation of a Tudor style home felt appropriate for our clients and the surrounding area. Honing in on the use of organic materials blended with a colorful palette, this home is truly a special project that was the result of a concerted collaborative effort between architect, client, builder, and designer.
I am a fan of this mix of light and dark spaces and mostly neutral tones throughout. Cozy, simple and timeless. Designed by Ursino Interiors. Photos: Tim Lenz.

A refurbished flat in Chelsea

Posted on Tue, 28 Mar 2023 by KiM

This project was a total refurbishment of a rather neglected mansion flat on Chelsea Embankment for the new owners,  a retired North American couple who wanted a comfortable base in London from which to explore Europe. We sought to make the flat feel as though nothing much had been done except a gentle refurb and some new furniture when in fact the apartment and all its its services and layout was completely overhauled to make a backdrop for the clients collection of ceramics and photography.
I love the old world vibe of this space. It’s elegantly casual and chic without being pretentious. Designed by Adam Bray. Photos: Oskar Proctor