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The Rambler

Posted on Thu, 15 Feb 2024 by KiM

Located northwest of Seattle on the Kitsap Peninsula a few blocks up from a small beach town, this residence takes its place on a cherished piece of family property. The program for the house was simple; 3-bedroom / 2-bath house with space for playing music and drawing. The house at 1,700 square feet is modest in size yet reaches into the landscape with a sheltering roof and screen walls to create usable outdoor spaces on all sides. The roof becomes an additional level for more occupiable outdoor space and areas for an herb garden. The design concept evolved out of a solid rectangular volume stretched across the site in a typical one-story “Rambler” style. The single vertical element that breaks the horizontal datum of the roof is a site-cast fireplace and chimney that acts as a totem marking the heart of the living space – a space for family gatherings and music to be played. Douglas Fir trees from the site that made way for the structure were milled and dried in situ during construction and used to create the finish lid of the roof plane as well as the open kitchen shelves and coffee table. Cedar milled on site was used to create the entry door, benches, and east privacy fence. Brick screen walls extend out into the landscape creating semi-enclosed exterior rooms that filter light and views at the east and west ends of the site, dissolving the structure into the landscape.
I adore the simplicity of the structure and materials of this compact, modern home. I would be quite happy living here amongst the trees and wildlife. By architecture and design studio GO’C. Photos: Kevin Scott.

Cottagecore but make it dark

Posted on Thu, 1 Feb 2024 by KiM

I would expect Sean Anderson to take a cabin, cottage, weekend retreat like this one (located in Lake Martin, Alabama) and give it cottagecore vibes but with his own dark and dramatic twist. He did just that and WOW this is soooo incredibly cozy and chic. Bet you never saw plaid looking so fine. Photos: Haris Kenjar.

A timeless forest retreat

Posted on Mon, 29 Jan 2024 by midcenturyjo

This Bend, Oregon residence, situated on a 10-acre site on the edge of a national forest, is a timeless home for a family of four. The single-story floor plan features distinct volumes, with private areas at one end and a central core connecting to a garage and workshop. Designed as a retreat, the house maximizes views of the mountains and forest. Natural materials, such as slate siding and warm cedar, blend seamlessly with the surroundings. Architecture by Bestor Architects and interior design by Reath Design.

Photography by Bruce Damonte and Laure Joliet.

A dreamy kitchen (and more) in St. Louis

Posted on Wed, 24 Jan 2024 by KiM

When I was tasked with the renovations on a property that I consider to be one of the most important pieces of architecture in St. Louis, I was absolute in my intention to honor the inherent masculinity of this architectural masterpiece. The main kitchen, pantries and service rooms had been covered in layers of linoleum, tile and ill fitting cabinetry over the years. Once we pulled back each and every era, and the original lines revealed themselves, my conviction to honor the original architecture grew even stronger. We gave the kitchen details that could easily be found in a gentleman’s wardrobe; brass buttons on a finely tailored sport coat became a bank of brass wrapped drawers, the deep ebony in a black tie tuxedo became the perimeter cabinetry color, and the cuff links at the wrist of a crisp French dress shirt became the cabinetry hardware. We abandoned the idea of upper cabinetry, choosing much more functional drawers instead. Along one perimeter wall, we dressed the expanse of drawers in riveted brass, nodding to the same finish of the custom unlacquered brass range hood. We curated a collection of copper that is as beautiful as it is functional and decided to dedicate ten feet of wall space to a large part of the collection. We added a prep sink to the second island, choosing to incorporate a Spanish antique marble fish cleaning sink. With it’s long marble drain board, fresh produce prep is a dream. The huge marble block that houses the carved out sink was our lead in establishing the thickness of the butcher block that surrounds the sink.
After many years of blogging I think I can safely say this is my favourite kitchen of all time. Annie Brahler of Euro Trash has managed to raise the bar so damn high with this one. Photos: Bjorn Wallander.

Designer’s own

Posted on Wed, 17 Jan 2024 by midcenturyjo

I love looking into the inner spaces of a designer’s mind. Their own homes allow them to express themselves freely. This is the old Chelsea apartment of interior designer Neal Beckstedt. It may be well over 10 years ago but it’s a wonderful insight into stylishly curated small space living. Things I love? The black gallery wall is in the kitchen and the Murphy bed nook.

Photography by Eric Piasecki.