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Cheerful and cheeky in Florida

Posted on Thu, 23 Mar 2023 by midcenturyjo

“Discovered through Instagram, we were tasked by our clients to design a home to be the antithesis of a traditional northeast home (where they were moving from). The couple chose to refresh the home, originally built in 1955, as a way to breathe new life—and sneak an extra bedroom—into their space. When it came to the initial mood board, capturing a sense of cheerfulness and familiarity through the use of color was top of mind. With one heading a public art organization, integration of artful interiors and color was paramount. We designed the home with outspoken wallpaper selections and color combos that celebrate life.”

Definitely packing a punch with a riot of colour and bold pattern clash this home in Coral Gables, Florida is by Miami-based design firm Bunsa Studio.

Photography by Nicole Franzen

“Our Baxter project was a careful modernization of a 1904 classic California bungalow. Ceramics, matte finishes, natural materials and uncovering of expansive views drove the design. A central artery of millwork allowed us to create generous storage where it had previously been lacking. A custom bookshelf climbs two stories to house an extensive literature collection. The kitchen and closets were designed for ease of use and hiding of clutter. The light fixtures were hand made by local ceramic artist Heather Levine.”

A fun and fresh family home with tons of storage and bags of style. Baxter House by Emily Farnham Architecture.

Photography by Trevor Smith

Blair St

Posted on Fri, 17 Mar 2023 by midcenturyjo

“We worked closely with the clients and the architect to bring this Bondi property to life and ensure it was a space that was reflective, not only of its surroundings but also of the young family who would be inhabiting it. From the relaxed rendered walls to the amazing marble and joinery details, the home is a masterpiece in architectural details and personality.”

With a focus on detail and finishes, a seamless transition between indoor and out and the needs of modern family living Blair St by Sydney-based interior design practice Frankly is beautifully tailored to the clients’ dreams.

Architecture by CS Architects

Photography by Dave Wheeler

“The house was inspired by New England cottage style, a nod to the coastal homes built on this boulevard in the 1930s. Our goal was to bring back that charm and create a warm, family friendly environment without sacrificing an elegant edge. With no exposed drywall throughout the house, we placed focus on materiality decorative lighting, and collectible design elements.”

With an emphasis on the artisan and vintage this beach house is unique and packed with personality. Beautifully curated and sourced it certainly isn’t a clichéd interpretation of coastal living but a celebration of place and space. Ponte Vedra by Miami-based Bunsa Studio.

Photography by Nicole Franzen

The happy place

Posted on Thu, 9 Mar 2023 by midcenturyjo

“Having three children means we’re never really on vacation, but every time I enter this house I pinch myself.”

With its celebration of colour, pattern and texture, with its bold personality and light-filled rooms this holiday house in Florida is indeed a happy place. No wonder the owner is pinching herself! Ponte Vedra Beach by Angie Hranowsky.

 Photography by Julia Lynn