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A modern tree house

Posted on Mon, 5 Apr 2021 by KiM

I may be obsessed as of late with centuries old homes but on the other, completely opposing hand a simple, modern home with a black exterior and concrete floors is something I will always be drawn to. This home is giving me life and is GORGEOUS inside and out. For cityhomeCOLLECTIVE owner Cody’s Derrick’s personal residence, we worked with Sparano & Mooney Architecture and builders Sausage Space to create a “best of both worlds” concept: the goal was to bridge the gap between condo/loft living and a ground-level home that included yard space and room to grow. As lead designer on the project, Cody worked collaboratively with Sparano & Mooney to ensure that a simple but imaginative layout served as the blueprint for a plethora of natural materials and a focus on the elements (water being the feature at the center of the home’s footprint). Local craftsmen were hired wherever possible (in this case, for railings, cabinets, kitchen island, custom dining table, custom pigmented concrete, etc). For the interior design, we focused on a layered approach–from salvaged chandeliers and chairs to plants, books, art, etc.–that would add to the warmth of the open space and balance the newness of the project.

Modern dark

Posted on Fri, 2 Apr 2021 by midcenturyjo

Oh girl the drama! Dark and moody. Wallpaper on the ceiling. Darkest green and pops of blue. Then there’s the kitchen. Another standout home by Crystal Sinclair Designs. Can’t get enough.

Photography by Nick Glimenakis

London luxury

Posted on Mon, 29 Mar 2021 by midcenturyjo

“Creating thoughtful, playful and luxurious spaces.”

The luxury of location. The luxury of space. The luxury of light. The luxury of finishes. The luxury of details. It’s luxury in Notting Hill by Peter Mikic.

Sunday at the office

Posted on Sun, 14 Mar 2021 by KiM

If you’ve got to go into the office on a Sunday, I hope it’s as cool as this space designed by San Francisco based IDF Studio. IDF Studio was hired by a biotechnology-focused investment firm to convert a historical residence into a modern office space. The original exposed brick walls and wide plank wood floors were maintained, while a reception area was added, and the bedrooms were converted into a reading room and gym. The updated floor plan and redesign brought this 1910 SoMa loft forward nearly 100 years, inspiring innovation and vision even further into the future.

This is a captivating example of how to warm up a concrete shell and how to create cozy zones from a very open concept layout. This penthouse renovation extends across the four top floors of this Maastricht residential tower “Polvertoren’. The tower originally built in the 60s as accomodation for hospital staff has been completely renovated inside and out. A completed reworking of the floor plan on each level meant that each of the spaces connect in a way suited to the lifestyle of the owners. A brief from the clients referencing the tv show Mad Men, designer Jean Prouve and hotels across the world as sources of inspiration set the tone and style of this detailed renovation. Original features such as the formed concrete walls have been restored and left exposed to sit harmoniously against a mix quality new and natural materials. Designed by Nicemakers.