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“A classic California Tudor remodelled for a young family of creatives and their many house guests. When the clients bought the house most of its character had been lost over the years. We worked hard to bring it back to a more authentic version of itself, choosing an aesthetic direction that tastefully represents their bohemian side while keeping it both timeless and relevant. The end result is a house that is warm, inviting and magical. A real embodiment of the client’s personality.”

A fabulous mix of vintage and contemporary, colour and pattern with a great outdoor area perfect for family living. 1928 California Tudor by Meghan Eisenberg.

Photography by Haris Kenjar.

A playful farmhouse for family life

Posted on Thu, 16 May 2024 by midcenturyjo

“This farmhouse was envisioned for a young couple embarking on family life, emphasizing playfulness, vibrant colors, and the versatility to host guests. Our design process was rooted in the joy of incorporating patterns and colors, resulting in truly vibrant spaces. We creatively had to maximize the potential of irregularly shaped rooms from the original house.  Strategically placing the seating in the corner of the library, we were able to transform a small room into a versatile space suitable for hosting gatherings around the fireplace, playing cards at the game table while being surrounded by bookshelves that also incorporated a full bar. In the absence of a formal living room, we integrated a cozy U-shaped dining bench at the end of the living room.  The two wider sides double as chaises, offering cozy nooks for reading.  In creating this farmhouse, we prioritized vibrant, adaptable spaces that resulted in a harmonious home that seamlessly combined practicality with warmth and style.”

Oh the painted green floors! Beautiful! Connecticut 1860s Farmhouse by Chused & Co.

Photography by William Jess Laird.

Layers of finishes breathe fresh life into this turn-of-the century Minneapolis Victorian. Folding in earth based elements like plaster, marble countertops and natural wood create a new beginning for the historical architecture. To accommodate a growing family, we relocated the kitchen and dining room to create spaces made for hosting.
This post is all about the details. In every photo. The carved wood detail of the newel post, the fireplace tile surround, the dining room paneling, the original stained glass windows, the placement and detail of the marble in the kitchen, the tiled arch in the bathroom…. Design: Yond Interiors; Builder: Tusk Builders; Cabinetry: Cabinetry Refined; Photos: Taylor Hall O’Brien.

Katie Hodges Design undertook a complete renovation and furnishing of this 1940s Pacific Palisades home. The clients, a family of four, lived here for a decade before opting for renovation. The former mishmash of styles posed challenges in the floor plan. The home transformed into a harmonious blend of modern and traditional styles through meticulous reworking, expansion, and adjustments. Bespoke and vintage furnishings added the final touch, creating a cherished living space.

Photography by Haris Kenjar.

Nestled in inner-city Sydney’s scenic streets, Chapel House blends personal style with architectural heritage. Vibrant colours contrast with gothic archways salvaged from a 19th-century church. FURNISHD rejuvenated the living space with sage tones, anchoring the palette with a bespoke ‘pea chair’ and vintage sideboard. Entertainment spaces blend modern and vintage elements, creating a dynamic, personalized ambience that balances sophistication and playfulness.