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Kooky class

Posted on Tue, 16 May 2023 by midcenturyjo

“As far as 2-bedroom new builds go, this property packs a punch. Studio Doherty were brought on board to reimagine and design the interiors, working alongside Enth Degree Architects and their architectural framework, which reflected our client’s passion for mid-century architecture (think 1950’s Palm Springs). Our challenge was to create a dynamic, inviting, unique and kooky home that referenced, rather than imitated touchstones of mid-century design.”

From the electric blue spiral staircase to the DTILE kitchen, from the carefully curated mix of vintage and new furniture (hello 13 m long conversation pit) and the window into the pool this house by Melbourne-based Studio Doherty is stylish and fun, perfect for entertaining all your family and friends.

Photography by Anson Smart

A midcentury modern home done sooo right

Posted on Mon, 15 May 2023 by KiM

A remodel of a California Mid Century home, lovingly architected and built by Meghan’s grandfather, Donald Park, in 1950. As an homage to the architecture, we drew upon his original design details for inspiration and playfully updated the finish palate to give the home a warm but revived sensibility. For the furnishings, we referenced 60’s Ranch House decor, which allowed us to introduce traditional fabrics and classical silhouettes into the post and beam setting.
I love midcentury architecture but often wonder what direction I would take with the décor if I owned a home in this style. Though I may love MCM architecture, I don’t necessarily want the décor to be so typical of the period. This, my friends, is exactly how it should be done. Meghan Eisenberg did her family proud. Photos: Haris Kenjar.

So chic, so sophisticated, so French. A modern with mid-century take on the Haussmannian style with its mix of French tradition and style with vintage furniture, exclusive 20th-century antiques and bespoke furniture. Luxembourg Gardens by Argentine-trained Paris-based architect Luis Laplace.

Photography by Alice Mesguisch

Mid-century Modern

Posted on Mon, 27 Mar 2023 by midcenturyjo

“When Corinne’s client purchased this home, it was untouched besides a thoughtful renovation in 1965 by architect, Gilbert Leong.  The brief given by her design savvy musician client was that he desired the soul of the home to stay intact but wanted the amenities and finishes to be updated.  This project was a true example of how Corinne prefers to approach a renovation; the architecture of the home along with the client’s input guides the creative process.   As a result of this simple brief and a very successful collaboration, this 2900 square foot midcentury home received an extensive and collaborative remodel.”

Mid-century modern with honed concrete, handmade tiles and walnut layered with vintage and bespoke furniture. 1952 Midcentury by Santa Barbara-based Corrine Mathern.

Photography by Laure Joliet.

Mid-Century Modern

Posted on Fri, 3 Mar 2023 by midcenturyjo

Twin Gable House in Sunnyvale, California is an Eichler, Plan OJ-1605, originally designed by A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons in 1962. Twin Gable House is also a sympathetic and stylish renovation by Ryan Leidner Architecture. Minimalist modern living in a house that still celebrates its Eichler history. A fabulous example of Mid-Century Modern, not mid-century mash-up.