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Dismantling a 1754 cow barn and transforming the timbers into a magnificent great room. The house was oriented to capture the view of the ancient crab apple tree, sensitively sited to work with the barn and tucked into a natural curve of the landscape.
What is frankly my dream home, located in Ancram, New York. That weathered wood façade is everything. The more rustic the better. Designed by Di Biase Filkoff Architects.

Villa Arniano

Posted on Thu, 5 May 2022 by midcenturyjo

Arniano is a romantic, elegant and secluded farmhouse villa thirty minutes from Siena. Situated in a rolling landscape of green-black cypresses and hilltop villages, Arniano commands a panoramic view across southern Tuscany at its rural best.

The house is a rare find and has been lovingly converted into an unusually light and airy property by acclaimed interior designer Camilla Guinness. It is exquisitely furnished with a mixture of grand bohemian chic and simple Italian style, creating a beautiful, comfortable and much-loved family home.”

I’ve long had Camilla Guinness’ red and white striped garden daybeds saved in my inspiration files. Now it’s time to drink in the simple beauty of the rest of her Italian home Villa Arniano

Moore House Design encore

Posted on Mon, 28 Mar 2022 by midcenturyjo

Coasters Chance Cottage in Cutler, Maine saw Moore House Design add a modern coastal flair to a 1820s cottage. Both the new extension and the old house have a wabi sabi feel celebrating the natural, the imperfection of old houses and the handmade. Vintage and bespoke furnishings along with beautiful rugs fill the house while simple vignettes please the eye.

See more of this lovely renovation including vendor lists on Moore House Design’s blog.

Photography by Erin McGinn

Humminghill Farm

Posted on Thu, 17 Mar 2022 by KiM

Designer Richard Ouellette and architect Maxime Vandal of my favourite Canadian design firm Les Ensembliers have a beautiful weekend/summer farm house in West Bolton, Québec. I follow their Instagram account to keep up to date on their design projects but mostly because I am obsessed with their farm and the beauty of the landscape and the relaxed vibe of farm life with their sweet dog Zack. They make and sell flower bouquets, vinegar, honey and have recently opened an online shop that sells their wares along with those of some really talented Québec artisans. Here are some photos of their farm…

Azulik Residence

Posted on Wed, 9 Mar 2022 by KiM

AZULIK Residence was developed with no blueprints or previous drawings of any kind. This freedom reveals its originality and the essence of its most significant challenge: to honor those who came before –the flora, the fauna, and the soil. Its location, completely immersed in the jungle, required finding creative ways to work with concrete and manual labor to avoid destructive heavy machinery. Furthermore, we developed an unconventional structure that is not supported by columns or beams but is rather woven like a basket. Thus, the building was planned as a fabric, where interweaving elements are integrated to make up the entire edifice. This is one of the most unique and magical places I have ever seen! Located in the gorgeous Mexican town of Tulum and designed by Roth Architecture.