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A renovated 1700 stone home in England

Posted on Sun, 25 Apr 2021 by KiM

Sharing another period home that I have fallen in love with thanks to Shoot Factory. This Grade II listed property was built around 1700. It includes a 5 bedroom restored and renovated stone home with outbuildings including a restored barn and man cave. The exterior has all the charm you could want in an old English home, while the interior has beautiful original details with some modern touches. (Photographer: Richard Oxford)

Kirby Woods

Posted on Fri, 23 Apr 2021 by KiM

Sean Anderson always makes my heart skip a beat. His ability to create such dynamic spaces with a neutral colour palette, lots of textures like linen and raw wood and mixing old and new furnishings is so impressive. This Tennessee home is everything. (Architect: David Anderson, Photographer: Rett Peek)

I came across this incredible home the other day and fell in love. It is a 19th century farm house in Umeå, Sweden, and is home to designer Soraya Forsberg and her husband, 6 kids and 2 dogs. It is fabulously rustic and time-worn, and as you can tell from the photos is an ever-changing canvas. What a dream space! (Photos: Lina Östling via Sköna hem & Andy Liffner via Residence.

Ready for Easter without even trying

Posted on Thu, 18 Mar 2021 by KiM

When you have absolutely nothing to do to prepare for Easter decorations… This gorgeous historic stone home in the Poconos designed by SCW Interiors has bunnies scattered among the decor and has a distinctive Easter colour palette. Rustic and traditional feels with some modern patterns added in here and there to keep it fresh.

Jo shared the 17th century, 3,300 sq ft Milan palazzo of designer Vincenzo De Cotiis a few years ago and I recently stumbled upon it again and because it truly is one of the most exquisite homes I have ever seen I wanted to share it again. This is what taking the time to peel back years and years of layers can get you. And when you leave it raw and untreated, it is absolutely magical and something to be revered for years to come. (You can read more about it here and here)

Photos: Simon Watson, Joachim Wichmann