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Living vicariously

Posted on Mon, 16 Jan 2023 by midcenturyjo

We all do it especially on blogs like this. We live vicariously, daydreaming about moving into fabulous homes. I sooooooo want to move into this Soho apartment by Jessica Schuster. Of course it’s her own. Sophisticated, eclectic and for me perfect.

Neutral beauty

Posted on Fri, 25 Nov 2022 by midcenturyjo

Sophisticated and stylish with a restrained colour palette punctuated by blues and mochas Charlebarbara by Kansas City-based Kobel + Co is a home filled with timeless treasures and modern pieces, old and new, high and low, function and beauty. Ah, it certainly is a beauty.

Interior direction

Posted on Fri, 16 Sep 2022 by midcenturyjo

Take a dive with me into the portfolio of New-York based interior designer Sebastian Zuchowicki. He calls it interior direction and if the several properties I’ve shared are any indication it’s also the right direction. Sophisticated urban living beautifully curated.

The maximalist home of Hollis Loudon

Posted on Thu, 1 Sep 2022 by KiM

I came across the portfolio of designer Hollis Loudon Puig of Hollis Loudon Interiors and this first project blew my mind. After some brief sleuthing I discovered it was Hollis’ own maximalist, whimsical home in Loudonville, NY. that she had gut-renovated. It is A LOT of colour and pattern and then some more pattern and I know it’s not to everyone’s taste but I soooo admire her creativity and uniqueness. She even has a room devoted to antique Christmas decorations!

Set discreetly on Queensdale Road, in a conservation area near Holland Park, is this generous four-bedroom Victorian home. At the back of the maisonette, a leafy garden, perfect for languorous afternoons soaking up the sun, extends 50 ft behind the house. In front, the living room overlooks a pretty terrace of pastel-coloured houses. The house has been decorated by its current owner, an actress, in a playful and eclectic style inspired by her time spent working at Graham & Green furniture store in Portobello. It is currently filled with a unique combination of antique pieces and colourful furnishings, which provide the perfect backdrop for her art and ceramics.
This home could not be more quaint, inviting and cozy. Give me a big mug of tea, a book and an afghan and plop me on a chair with a cat and leave me be 🙂 Currently for sale via Inigo.