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Twin Farms

Posted on Tue, 18 Dec 2012 by KiM

This post is pushing all of my rustic buttons let me tell ya. Meaghan emailed us about this place, as she likes to hunt for the perfect getaway cabin this time of year. I hear ya Meaghan! She found these cottages, Twin Farms, located in Vermont and what a vacation this would be. It consists of a farmhouse (dating from the late 1700s), 5 cottages were added in the 90s, and with more additions the accommodations are now 20. It’s stunning, as you will see from this selection of photos from several of the cottages.  

Dowling Studios

Posted on Thu, 13 Dec 2012 by KiM

Back in the summer of ’08, Jo blogged an interior design and architecture firm called Dowling Kimm, headed by Julie Dowling and Morissa Kimm. It seems these days the firm is called Dowling Studios and is the partnership of Julie and her twin sister Leslie, with Julie based in California and Leslie in New Jersey. The following homes I think are all located in California and are so gorgeous! These ladies have a serious liking of modern homes with massive overhanging roofs and slathered in timber. Simple yet stunning. Less is more and taller is better here.

Rustic with a twist

Posted on Sun, 9 Dec 2012 by KiM

While I’m on a role with rustic interiors, how about another one? This completely renovated cabin is located in the town of Megéve in the French Alps. It was a 2 year project to renovate the 1870 structure, and was decorated by Belgian decorator Lionel Jadot. It’s filled with an unexpected mix of vintage finds and elements from trips to Africa, Asia and Europe. The decor is a fantastic surprise, but I’m a little taken aback by the Bisazza tiles on the kitchen island. Those don’t make sense to me for this home – they’re too elegant. Everything else = LOVE!!! (Via Nuevo Estilo)

My rustic obsession

Posted on Fri, 7 Dec 2012 by KiM


Any regular readers of our blog know that I love rustic decor as I wax lyrical about it fairly often. I essentially live in jeans, and even in my decor I much prefer a more casual, non-stuffy environment. That is why I love a rustic space. It’s modest, comfortable, and combines gorgeous textures – and you get the added bonus of a bit of history (typically). Now mix in some modern elements and funky vintage pieces and this juxtaposition is what I consider perfection. I do however think a space can be too rustic and cold – if it’s just a bunch of wood and concrete and stone, it’s too much.  Some good lighting, natural textured fabrics and some faux sheepskins can do wonders to warm up a rustic room. I’m curious to know what you all think – does a rustic space turn your crank?

Le Case di Elixìr


Adriane Strampp via The Design Files




Oh, Pioneer!

Vårt Nya Hem

Hus & Hem

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Sibella Court

Marie Claire Maison

Hus & Hem

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Maison & Déco

Sarah Lavoine

Shoot Factory

Nick Noyes

Posted on Thu, 6 Dec 2012 by midcenturyjo

West Coast USA, San Francisco, a Bay Region vibe. Two homes from SF based Nick Noyes Architecture. Two homes that sit lightly on the land, a series of wings and interconnections. Breezeways and outdoor spaces, simple, honest architecture with materials and construction on display. The first, on a vineyard, proud in its simple wall cladding of plywood. The second a series of classic metal roofed “boxes” resplendent in white.