Dog on a couch with some fab pillows

Posted on Thu, 8 Nov 2007 by KiM

Dean of my little apartment emailed to share photos of her half corgi/half beagle pooch named Bunny, who appears to love lounging on her couch with some fabulous vintage geometric needlepoint (bargello) pillows. Thanks for sharing these Dean!

Sorry to steal your thunder Dean but while I’m posting more cute reader’s pets, I thought I’d sneak a photo in of one of my 5 monsters cats. Here’s my favourite one of Lucky, sitting like a little old man on one of my mid-century chairs I inherited from my nonna (grandmother). This one is for you Auntie Jo.

Dargie says:

Your Lucky looks a lot like my Caddy

Lucky baby, Joey loves you! And bunny you are too cute for your own good!

kim. says:

Isaspacey, now that I have stopped cracking up, YES, cats DO have elbows. How else can they perch on a chair and look human? LOL!! Dargie, Lucky does look like your Caddy, except Lucky only has a small patch of black on the tip of his nose. (Cute photo!)

Peggy says:

Ha! Lucky looks so cute there! My cat used to sit with my boyfriend and watch football. They would have a beer on the sofa and look just like two guys! It was hilarious. Wish I had a picture of that.

Peggy says:

P.S. – how about some pics of bunnies?

Anonymous says:

I love these, and of course the pets of the world thank you for noticing their contributions. However I have a question for all you decor minded people who are so generous with your furniture. How do you keep the furniture clean, unchewed, unclawed? My new Jack Russell made me ask you.

dean says:

im lucky that Bunny doesnt chew or scratch, but she does shed like no other dog i’ve ever met. i keep sheepskins on the couch (easier to shake out) and sweep and vacuum several times a week…extra clean-up time is worth having her in my life!

kim. says:

Anon, you have a Jack Russell? You’re doomed. HAHA. I only say that because my twin had a Jack Russell, who liked to dig on furniture, so I suggest as dean said, sheepskins or get some fake fur (I use both). And some dog obedience classes. 🙂

Jessie says:

so cute! Pets are a joy! 🙂

Anonymous says:

Sheepskins, OK. I’ll try it. Because I’m losing the battle. He’s just too darn cute. Thanks.

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