Too cute to resist

Posted on Wed, 28 Jan 2009 by KiM

We here at DTI occasionally post photos of cute animals on furniture – because we love animals, and we love furniture. I just received an email from Katrina who had this to say: “Here is something you might like. I foster kittens for my local rescue – the Anti-Cruelty Society. I was cleaning the kittens room and put them in our tiny little apartment bathroom to keep them away from the vacuum. This is where they decided they were most comfortable. Enjoy!” I think fostering animals in need is a selfless wonderful thing and I want to thank Katrina for opening her home to rescued kittens. And who says a sink isn’t a piece of furniture? 😉

kim. says:

LOL Uncle Beefy.

Michelle, you need to come hang out at my place one afternoon with my 6 cats.

Thanks Awesome Sara!

It’s thanks to irresponsible people that there are so many homeless animals out there so I agree with you Irene.

OH Feli! You should really foster ex-racing greyhounds! They are incredible animals and I feel so bad that they live through that horror. I lived near a woman who had 2 and they were the sweetest dogs.

pam says:

katrina, my husband and i adopted a kitten 3 weeks ago. we set her up in the guest bath for a few days until she would meet the puppy. following her cue, we lined the sink with a towel and that’s where she sleeps every night! love your kittens. what a good deed!

Geisslein says:

I love this picture! sooooo cute!!! :o)

Carrie says:

I just had a cute overdose 🙂

Super cute!

They are irresistible!

Annie says:

This is my favorite D2I post ever!

Keep up the great work, ladies!

Lisa says:

Ha ha cutest ever!

So precious!

So cute and cosy!

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