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On the bright side

Posted on Wed, 24 Oct 2012 by midcenturyjo

I hope, dear readers, that I didn’t leave you feeling down with the dark and moody styling of Hilary Robertson. No, no do not despair. Her work presents another face that is fresh and bright and young. My heart does little leaps with these lovely shots. Enjoy.

P.S. Mrs. Robertson has a shop for those lucky enough to make it to Brooklyn. A wonderland of the old and beaten up, patina and passion. 88 South Portland Avenue, Brooklyn.

Here’s to you Mrs. Robertson

Posted on Wed, 24 Oct 2012 by midcenturyjo

Almost a year ago a late afternoon storm had me racing to wax lyrical about interior stylist Hilary Robertson. Roiling clouds and a darkening light seemed a good match to the moody, limited palette of the work I featured back then. Today the sky is full of smoke, grey and once again menacing. The thick air sits heavy on my chest and the edges of my mind are picked at and bothered by news of fire not far from home. Once again I seek solace, no, inspiration in the moody tones of Robertson’s work. Dark and deliciously distracting. So here’s to you Mrs. Robertson for brightening my day.

Another Polish apartment by Lucyna

Posted on Tue, 23 Oct 2012 by KiM

Polish interior designer Lucyna Kołodziejska (whose work we have featured here and here) emailed us with yet another fabulous dwelling she has completed. This flat is in Gdynia, it is quite small – one bedroom, living room with small kitchen and bathroom with shower. It is designed for rent so the materials that I used are strong 🙂 – solid oak wood in kitchen, hard floors, spain textile on sofa. But of course they should be elegant and nice designs so i used a very nice lamp in the dining – is it rubber so can’t be broken, strong paints and wallpapers by scandinavian Flugger and other scandinavian company (Sandberg). It is maybe because this flat is a little bit scandinavian that a man from Sweden and his girlfriend from Poland are renting it now. I really like the masculine vibe of this apartment – Lucyna was smart with this one. She’s got typically masculine colours (blues, browns and black) and plaids/checks, and then throws in the feminine touch of some cute bird wallpaper. Perfect for a rental as it will appeal to everyone. It’s tiny but it works!

A tower in Barcelona

Posted on Tue, 23 Oct 2012 by KiM

This space designed by new new interior designer crush María Lladó is fairly typical of her usual style of mostly white walls, bold colour accents and vintage furnishings, but with this home (a “tower” in Putxet, Barcelona) she upped the glam factor.  Lots of crystal chandeliers, arched doorways, a massive frame as a head board and venetian mirrors take the home to a new level. Dreamy. 

A sympathetic and sophisticated renovation of small one bedroom art deco apartment in St Kilda West, Melbourne. Bijou but boxing above its weight with an elegant black and white palette, great art, flashes of red and just a little added extra… a roof top garden with city views. Hello my idea of the perfect pad for one. And friends 😉 Link here while it lasts.