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Vintage masculine

Posted on Thu, 2 Jul 2015 by midcenturyjo

Vintage masculine. Rustic meets Manhattan manly. Why am I trying to put a label on it when it already tells a story we can all understand? It’s an eclectic mix of country in the city with a hint of industrial, found object and gentleman’s den. Leather and wood, wool and metal. Layers of texture with stories to tell. West 60th Street by Manhattan-based BHDM Design.

Rearranging, hanging and redecorating

Posted on Wed, 1 Jul 2015 by KiM

Happy Canada Day fellow Canadians!! It is a miserable day here in the country’s capital as it usually seems to be on this, the biggest holiday of the year (WTF). Instead of attempting to enjoy the festivities around the city in the rain I am sitting here at my computer having spent the morning tweaking photos I took last weekend of some decorating and rearranging I did when I managed to find some spare time. So I thought I would share them with you all today before I knock more items off my blog to-do list and then head to my parents for a random turkey dinner.

I have lived in this house for a year now and had yet to hang anything on the walls, so despite not having painted many rooms, I decided to hang some art in my dining room and office area in my living room before I lose my mind. For my workspace I opted for a picture shelf, that way I can rotate art as frequently as I wish without damaging my plaster walls that are painted in my favourite colour of all time – Farrow & Ball’s downpipe. It seems Ikea no longer carries their picture shelves unfinished so I had my husband build me one so I could paint it the wall colour. I really love my little monochromatic office corner now. 🙂

I would love to replace that Panton chair with a tall plant (perhaps a fiddle leaf fig that I can promptly kill).

vintage magazine ad from Décadisme and Jieldé from eBay

my treasured crocheted bat by Caitlin T. McCormack

tesla patent letterpress print by Gaslight Electric Sign Co., resin photo by Ronny Ritschel from Lola Dot Studio

portrait by Kate Zambrano

cheap pot I need to replace with something cooler, ceramic bug from Wunderkammer, bowls by Julie of Hollow clayworks

my beloved beaten up and chewed on (thanks Felix) Tizio lamp

moth pencil drawing by Nicomi Nix Turner (that I would LOVE to get tattooed on me)

Now, before I get into my dining room, please note I have yet to do anything to the walls in here so they are still a horrifying taupe. I really have no idea what to do in here – ideally I would like to use a Farrow & Ball paint as they’ve been graciously providing me with their products. I don’t think I want to do wallpaper because the hallway/foyer just outside this room will be wallpapered and likely the ceiling in the kitchen so that would be too much pattern. I hung a couple of things in here, added a new piece of furniture and rearranged the top of the credenza to turn it into a bar. I am still waiting on the husband to build me an 8 person reclaimed wood dining table…

Finally, I have a Daff Design (= husband) working floor model vintage radio turned Bluetooth speaker in the dining room! This thing is a BEAST. It sounds so incredible. It is for sale if anyone local is interested 🙁 We purchased it from the sweet ladies of High Jinx. Above it is a really cool lighting bolt sign by Gaslight Electric Sign Co.

vintage wooden toolbox (I removed the rod) from High Jinx, class photo from a flea market

vintage metal rose from a flea market, and OMG Split Tree Cocktail Co. syrups/cordials are SO YUMMY

lotsa booze


beautiful etched glass decanters (empty) I found at the Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market

At the ManMade show a couple of weeks ago Matt Wallace had this stunning walnut topped bench for sale. And NO ONE bought it. So I did because LOOK AT IT!

I did not have anywhere else to display my absolute favourite vintage Catherine Holm bowls (from Samantha Howard Vintage and the Ottawa Antique Market on Bank St) so why not on the bench?

OH YEAH. This piece of walnut is exquisite.

I’m not 100% loving the rosary I picked up in Puerto Vallarta mixed with this new antique painting I bought from Joel of Antiquus Goods but it will do for now until I figure out some other arrangement.

Like swimming in the sea

Posted on Wed, 1 Jul 2015 by midcenturyjo

Floor to ceiling sea green tiles. A shaft of light from above. Like swimming underwater. Love! Bathroom in Kate’s House by Bower Architecture.

When virtual is almost real

Posted on Wed, 1 Jul 2015 by midcenturyjo


It’s over a year ago that Kim featured the work of Russian architecture and design firm INT2 architecture and they just keep getting better and better. Actually there is only one thing to fault in this amazing Moscow townhouse. It’s not real. It’s a rendering. Part Scandinavian, part mid century, all computer generated… until it’s built. The colour blocking is blowing my mind. I can’t wait for virtual to be made real.