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Family townhouse redo

Posted on Fri, 8 Apr 2016 by midcenturyjo

“The Lorimer Street Townhouse is a three-story, twenty-five foot wide, two-family house located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Every wall, ceiling, stair, floor and window of the house was replaced in the extensive renovation. The result is an open, loft-like home for a family of four. A custom, steel and solid wood tread stair divides the Parlor Level into a Living Room side at the street front and a Dining and Kitchen side at the rear of the building with garden access through 3 new, patio doors. Existing wood joists were exposed on the Parlor Level with insulation added to the underside of the floors above. Reclaimed floors compliment the existing joists and add to the rustic feel of this urban home.”

A massive redo but the results are outstanding. Love the bathroom. Love the industrial vibe of the exposed ceilings, those floors and the central steel staircase. By Elizabeth Roberts and Ensemble Architecture.

A rental apartment by Soledad Alzaga

Posted on Thu, 7 Apr 2016 by KiM

Sometimes decorating a rental property can be tough when there are guidelines that must be followed, but San Francisco interior designer Soledad Alzaga managed to create a warm, inviting and timeless vibe in this 1200 sq ft rental apartment. LOVE the cozy, fluffy rugs and talk about drama with the golden coloured bedroom! (For a previous feature of her work click here)


Posted on Thu, 7 Apr 2016 by KiM

What’s black and white and modern all over? (With some original architectural features here and there…) Elysium by Architect Prineas. Sharing their love for simplicity and the Flos Aim pendant. (Photos: Chris Warnes)

Built originally in 1973 this Prahran, Melbourne home packs a lot of style on its 155 m² block of land. A 2014 renovation remains true to its 70s vibe but with cleaner, more contemporary lines. I like that the exterior is rather constrained with just a hint of what lies within proclaimed in its garage door. Sometimes real estate stalking makes me jealous, sometimes for the house, sometimes for the contents and sometimes for the art. I’m coveting the dejected Batman in the entrance. Link here while it lasts.


A colourful and unique New York apartment

Posted on Wed, 6 Apr 2016 by KiM

Sometimes I like to blog the untouchable, the unthinkable. Because most of us cannot afford a $16.75 million dollar three bedroom, three bathroom, 7 fireplace, 4,700 sq ft apartment in Central Park West formerly owned by Judy Garland. This home was decorated by Sasha Bikoff for her mom (who recently passed away). Colour, sparkle and pattern seemed to have been high on the priority list here, creating a lavish, decadent home that you either love, or hate.