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Posted on Mon, 21 Jan 2019 by KiM

Over the Christmas holidays I was pretty busy shooting photos around my house. Reason for that was last Friday I had the absolute honour of having a house tour feature on Design*Sponge. !!!!! And because I only randomly feature photos of my home on here, I thought I should share a bunch of the photos here for you folks as well. You can check out the tour here which includes descriptions of each space and a list of resources. I am fortunate to have been included on Grace’s blog before she shuts it down in August. D*S has been around even longer than our beloved DTI so this is really sad to hear. Thank you D*S and particularly Kelli Kehler whom I worked with on this feature. Now on to the photos…

b says:

Why does the room that is essentially the closet get the best stuff? That chandelier is great but is totally wrong for the room, there’s a great piece I can’t see, a great cupboard stuck in the corner, that chair, and that radio collection is fantastic! Do some of them still work? Personally, I would love to design a room around the collection.
Outdoor cat space is very inventive. They look happy and expressive.

KiM says:

I could not disagree with you more about my chandelier. LOL
He tries to buy radios that don’t work since he guts them. A couple might work.
The cats loooooooooove the catio. More than I could have ever hoped for.

b says:

That’s too bad. Turn it into a guest bedroom, of all your “stuff”, that collection is the most interesting and desrves a prominant place in the public areas of your home
Get yourself a good sofa.

Suzanne Melton says:

Love everything! Especially your bright against dark, within rooms and rooms next to each other.

And, you are so much prettier than your black and white shows.

I don’t follow Design Sponge but I occasionally follow links. Desire to Inspire is much more inspirational…

KiM says:

Thanks soooo much Suzanne! XOXO
D*S has been a rock in the design blog community for so long. I’ll be sad to see it go.

axie says:

Where to begin?! It’s fantastic- I was going to list my favorite parts, but really it’s all so great! From the entry to the catio. And all the colors- from the paint to furnishings. I am also terribly envious of your ceramics/pottery collection 🙂

Thanks for the tour, Kim- you put a lot of soul into your home- and you look maaavelous!

I’m also sorry to hear about DS- have been reading there for many years.

KiM says:

Thanks so much Axie!! XOXO

emma says:

OMG these cats. SO LOVELY. big hug and kiss to them all

KiM says:

My fur babies are the sweetest, most hilarious crew ever. XOXOXO

Scott says:

Looks absolutely great, fun-filled design!

KiM says:

Thank you Scott!!! 🙂

priscilla says:

love it all!

KiM says:

Thanks so much Priscilla!!! 🙂

lpb says:

I’ve been a fan of both blogs for a very long time – agree the DesignSponge will be missed. Its great to see the whole of your house! I love all of it but particularly the foyer.

KiM says:

thank you LPB! XO

jared hayden says:

Gorgeous. I remember when you guys first bought the place and your sense of indecision. What you’ve done is amazing.

KiM says:

🙂 Thanks a bunch Jared! Part of my indecision was due to people thinking I was insane for eventually giving in to the idea of painting my mahogany-stained wainscotting. Once I did there was no stopping me on the rest of the house! 😉

jane says:

Wow, what a beautiful, eclectic, one of a kind home. Thank you so much for sharing!

KiM says:

Thank you so much Jane!!!

Lorraine says:

I absolutely love the pink ceiling with the terracotta colored walls! So groovy! It all looks great.

KiM says:

Thank you so much Lorraine!!!

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