Posted on Sat, 17 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

An interesting object is the door. Practical and symbolic. Entry and exit. External, internal, barrier and welcoming. Private and public, open and shut but always a rite of passage. Today I asked my husband to leave. Doors.

Tria Giovan Mel Yates
Michael Mundy Alexandra Rowley
Steven Randazzo Thomas Loof
bodron+fruit David Hicks
Aidlin Darling Meg Braff
Annie Schlecter Aimee Herring

Creating something new

Posted on Thu, 15 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

Stephanie emailed us. “I moved into a new house about a year ago and found your blog. I Love, Love, Love referencing it for inspirational pictures and ideas!!

Now I have a new project that I would love your help with.
I just recently found out I am pregnant with my first baby and Im already thinking about decorating the nursery of course!

However, I don’t want to do typical pink or blue. And I don’t want the nursery to look too babyish.
I know that sounds crazy – but the rest of my house is stylish and I don’t want one room to ruin the look! Selfish I know!”

Not at all Stephanie. Here are a few ideas. There are even more on the Flickr group Modern Baby Nursery Designs and of course the fabulous AT:Nursery is a must visit. Don’t forget to click on the label children’s rooms below to go to other kid’s rooms we have featured. Good luck with the new baby and the new room!

re:place Domino
Bill Kingston Greg Natale
It’s what I do… Megan Morton
Aqua Vitae re:place
house n baby Design Conquer
New York Interior Design Modern Nursery

When black gets better

Posted on Wed, 14 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

Sometimes the day is just a little black. Things aren’t going great. Then you find something that makes you realise that black is OK. Hey more than OK. Absolutely stunning. These photos were styled by Lotta Agaton and taken by Pia Ulin. Both are represented by Agent Bauer. Amazing talent, amazing portfolios. My day is a lot brighter now.

Images from Agent Bauer

The dark side

Posted on Mon, 12 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

There is something about a dark room. I don’t mean that the light switch is off. These rooms are mysterious, cozy, snug, cool and cave like but they are also chic, elegant and unexpected. Be brave. Turn to the dark side.

Hallie Burton Laura Resen
Paul Whicheloe Roger Davies
Eve Robinson David Hicks
De Lisle, Philpotts & Staub Nicholas Haslam
Barclay Fryery Justin Bernhaut

Paul Whicheloe update

Posted on Mon, 12 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

Paul Whicheloe emailed thanking us for featuring his work (as if we could resist such fabulous photos) AND to let us know that new work is now on his rep’s website. I raced straight over. Can a great portfolio get even better?

Images from anyway artists