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Nuevo Mundo by Studio Paradisiartificiali

Posted on Tue, 11 Feb 2020 by KiM

Love the family-friendly, bright, and whimsical vibe of this home designed by Milan-based design firm Studio ParadisiartificialiThe design of this home centres around a small coloured volume: the mixing and matching of a few, simple geometries, amidst the luxuriant vegetation of an imaginary garden. The effect is that of a votive temple, an architecture born to celebrate domestic rituals. When a house represents living in its most intimate form, it turns into a home, a physical and mental extension of its inhabitants. What we wished to convey was the sense that beyond the threshold lay a marvel of nature that reigns supreme insofar as capable of arousing infinite wonder in the onlooker. To this end, together with the Mexican artist Guillermo Flores ORBEH, we left our clients to wander through the leafy branches until they reached a small coloured volume and chose it as their home. 

Photos: Riccardo Gasperoni

Green with envy

Posted on Mon, 10 Feb 2020 by midcenturyjo

“Inspiration came in the form of an interest in cultures, colour and family. Meticulous briefing resulted with the design concept perfectly matched to the client’s affinity with Asian culture and their bright, positive personality.”

Fun, fresh and family friendly, a modern home with a historic footprint. I’m green with envy. Glen Iris House ll by Melbourne-based Sisällä Interior Design.

Photography by Tess Kelly

In true Sasha Bikoff fashion, she has taken something ordinary and made it extraordinary. Ok, this “Garden State Revival House” in Newark, New Jersey isn’t exactly ordinary but it’s sooooo traditional on the outside that you would never in a million years expect to see rooms painted pink, yellow, green, red, purple, blue, teal, lime. The insanity!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

The power of flowers

Posted on Sun, 12 Jan 2020 by KiM

Winter in Canada can be dreary and colourless (the only pretty time is when there’s freshly fallen snow, before it turns to dirty slush) so when I stumbled upon the home of Madrid-based florist Loreto Aycuens I was desperate to share. It’s incredible what some greenery and florals can do to bring some life into a home and make you forget the horrors outside. Via Nuevo Estilo (photos: Pablo Sarabia).

I also took a trip to Loreto’s website and found these delicious images.


Atelier Armbruster

Posted on Thu, 19 Dec 2019 by KiM

Atelier Armbuster is a design firm based in New York City that focuses on modernism and minimalism but also packs a punch. I wanted to share a couple of their projects with you. First up is a jaw-dropping loft-y townhouse and the second is a colourful home on the Upper East Side.


Photos: Robert GranoffGieves Anderson