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A few weeks ago I went to lunch with a group of managers from work and one of them who happens to be very French, was talking about how beautiful les Îles-de-la-Madeleine are, or as the English folks call them, the Magdalen Islands. I had somehow never heard this this small archipelago before, located in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence (and while part of Québec, the islands are in fact closer to the Maritime provinces and Newfoundland). A crazy coincidence that about a week ago while I was perusing the portfolio of Montréal architecture firm La Shed (that I am admittedly obsessed with) I came across a project in their portfolio called Les Rochers, located on the southernmost island of the Magdalens, called l’île du Havre Aubert. La Shed designed a single family home and guest house in this spectacular setting. Inspired by the traditional gabled house, the architects are proposing a contemporary version whose asymmetrical shape is a nod to the Maison des Îles and its drum. Each in their own way, the two residences integrate the drum into the home, unified in a single volume. The interior architecture of the two residences is imbued with the aesthetics of seaside houses. The interior design is meticulous, but remains sober. The guest house is like a holiday home reminiscent of the rusticity of fishermen’s huts, the atmosphere is relaxed. The main house is larger and more refined. The line work is rich and delicate, giving depth and texture to the interiors. Architects create a balanced language for soothing interiors.

Mon Cor – a modernist townhouse in Mallorca

Posted on Tue, 2 Aug 2022 by KiM

Built in 1903 during the most prosperous time in Mallorca´s modern history, Mon Cor was an architectural marvel that set the benchmark for 20th century living. Today, over 100 years later, our design & development team pursues an unrelenting challenge; to respect this rich heritage while transforming the property into a heartfelt home that sets the benchmark for 21st-century living. After passing through an unassuming courtyard, we arrive at the main garden with its central swimming pool (heated, salt water), dining area, and plentiful sunbathing spaces. This home has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, private garage, wine cellar….and is absolutely stunning. Renovated and for sale via Archie and Monty Berrow of Berrow Projects.

Redhill Barn

Posted on Wed, 27 Jul 2022 by KiM

Built in 1810, Redhill Barn was originally an out-farm. The original building was beautifully built and laid out as a piece of agricultural engineering, with cattle housed below and a threshing floor above. We wanted to restore the building’s character in an original way and to be very clear about what was old and new, retaining the weathered beauty of the monumental stone shell and wild agricultural setting. To preserve the striking elevations, we made no new openings, restoring the original dynamics of light and space to the building. We designed the new doors and windows so that fenestration was set back and minimised, allowing maximum light to enter. Arched pivot doors allow the wide openings that were originally made for cattle to remain undivided, yet easily handled. We designed contemporary floor and roof elements to evoke the rhythm and simplicity found in traditional agricultural framing. We then placed a number of floating ‘boxes’ across the two levels. These define and serve the principal rooms, yet allow the barn to remain open and undivided, with the rhythm of the structure and scale of the space maintained.
I am blown away. This is a piece of history, and art. By London based architecture firm TYPE. (Photos: Rory Gardiner)


Posted on Mon, 25 Jul 2022 by KiM

An 1,800-square-foot modern country home situated in the heart of the Catskills. This project marks the initial collaboration between INC and NevelHaus on the first of a series of sustainable and turnkey modern designed homes. INC partnered with Hudson-based furniture company Gestalt to curate the home’s interiors, resulting in a unique interiors scheme that highlights and compliments the lush wooded surroundings. INC’s aesthetic goal became to combine the rustic and the refined while relating to the surrounding landscape. The steep pitch of the 45-degree roof angle gives the home a modern character and provides a gracious vaulted living loft. The home’s abstract form is balanced by warm cypress wood siding. The open living loft, inclusive of the kitchen, dining room, and living room, is designed to function as the central gathering space. The 30-foot ceilings in the living loft. plentiful, double-height windows are orchestrated to bring in an abundance of natural light and provide views and connection to the surrounding landscape. The architectural strategy gives the home an open, airy feel while creating moments of intimacy when needed. The first floor features a primary bedroom with a graciously sized bathroom, a private terrace, and an outdoor shower. The second floor offers two bedrooms, an office mezzanine, and a reading nook that overlooks the grand loft room.
The perfect city escape. Clean and minimal with no distractions. By INC Architecture & Design.

A modern family home in Plateau Mont-Royal

Posted on Tue, 19 Jul 2022 by KiM

The Maison de Brébeuf is like the family it shelters: warm and joyful, relaxed and colourful. Still imbued with their stay in Australia, the family wanted a bright and warm living space. Formerly a duplex, the new single-family house retains the typical configuration of Plateau Mont-Royal plexes characterized by their joint ownership, leaving the heart of the apartments dimly lit. To alleviate the problem, accentuated by the extension of the building towards the rear, the architects pierced the center of the house and used the circulation as a light corridor to diffuse the light at all levels. The old and the contemporary come together and coexist naturally through the interior design proposals and period furniture accumulated over the years by customers.
I am obsessed with every project Montréal based architects la Shed completes. You never know what’s behind the façade of these renovated homes in Montréal if la Shed has had their hands on it. So unassuming from the street and then BAM! 🙂