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Sunny Scandinavian Californian style

Posted on Tue, 9 Jul 2019 by midcenturyjo

When a textile and jewellery designer approached Brad Krefman of BK Interior Design to redesign her home in the hills of Mill Valley, California what was the result? A home that is bright and open, functional with high end finishes, light filled and fabulous, contemporary with a Scandinavian vibe, the perfect home for the client and her family.

P.S. If you love that fabulous painting in the dining room it’s Cool With Chloe, 2015 40×42 inches, acrylic on cut paper by Reed Anderson.

A dramatically dark home in New Zealand

Posted on Thu, 4 Jul 2019 by KiM

Spectacular views, an incredibly talented architecture firm and bold modern design where black is key. Lantern House in Waiheke, New Zealand by Herbst Architects.

Photos: Jackie Meiring

A muted California farmhouse

Posted on Fri, 28 Jun 2019 by KiM

When muted, neutral colours set the stage for something beautiful…

Every inch of this 5,000 square foot farmhouse in Brentwood was approached with muted precision. A stunning art collection, curated by Candace Worth of Worth Art Advisory, drives the design. Every room is a balance of collections: art, antiques, handmade items, modern pieces, and books all thoughtfully layered. Much of the home includes furniture thoughtfully designed and selected by Full Scale Inc. from the owners’ previous Connecticut home. Ken Linsteadt Architects edited the Colonial home down to its purist form, with a natural flow that is neither forced nor complicated. The home is a reflection of the homeowners’ refined taste: restrained yet engaging. A soft, subtle design allows fine details to shine through. By M. Elle Design.

A revitalized 1948 Rudolph Schindler house

Posted on Tue, 18 Jun 2019 by KiM

This mid-century house would be such a dream – architects back then knew their sh*t I tell ya. And Studio Shamshiri recently brought it back to life. An eight-year excavation, restoration and revitalization of a 1948 Rudolph Schindler house. Every window and surface of the original section of the house was brought back from it’s then unrecognizable state, and, with a fresh eye, new additions of the house were built, paying strict homage to the original spirit of the home. Purposeful, custom furniture and millwork were designed to fulfill various needs. Schindler ‘s designs sought to transform low art into high art through the poetic use of standard everyday materials and the Lechner House stands as a lasting and remarkable example of this vision. Photos: Anthony Cotsifas & Anson Smart

A modern Australian extension

Posted on Thu, 13 Jun 2019 by midcenturyjo

Boutique Melbourne design practice Altereco Design is all about natural materials, efficiency, sustainability and practicality. Whether new build or renovation they create beautiful, unique, practical, liveable spaces.