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Guest cottage blues

Posted on Thu, 25 May 2023 by KiM

This Litchfield, Connecticut guest house is the cutest little thing! It’s got country cottage vibes and really soothing shades of blue. I found details about this sweet pad you can check out here. Designed by Studio Dorion.

So chic, so sophisticated, so French. A modern with mid-century take on the Haussmannian style with its mix of French tradition and style with vintage furniture, exclusive 20th-century antiques and bespoke furniture. Luxembourg Gardens by Argentine-trained Paris-based architect Luis Laplace.

Photography by Alice Mesguisch

Working on a Saturday

Posted on Sat, 6 May 2023 by midcenturyjo

It’s like I say week in week out. If you have to drag yourself into work on a weekend it helps if it’s somewhere stylish. JPL Studio by Jesse Parris-Lamb.

Serenity in a white minimal space. Not sure it could be my every day cup of tea but imagine this as a weekend getaway. OH YES. This is the Barcelona apartment of interior designer Isern Serra and object designer and ceramist Valeria Vasi. A white microcement space left very open with lots of built-ins make it the perfect studio space and blank slate to display objects. Simply lovely.

Dignified minimalism

Posted on Mon, 24 Apr 2023 by midcenturyjo

“This project restored the dignity and scale of the interiors of this six storey grade II*-listed west London townhouse, following unsympathetic renovations and a major flood in which water poured through the house for several days from an attic water tank. The spaces on each floor were opened up, the cornices re-cast, and the walls repaired with traditional lathe and plaster with lime render and limewash, giving weight and softness to the spaces. New insertions use rare Breccia verde marble to provide contrast, reflecting the foliage outside to the front and rear of the house. The kitchen occupies the principal entrance floor of the house, and responds to the scale of the space.”

Dignified, restrained and luxurious. London Palazzo by William Smalley.