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Suzanne Rheinstein

Posted on Fri, 28 Jan 2022 by KiM

Interior Designer Suzanne Rheinstein is known for her signature style that is often described as elegant civility—“fewer things but better things”—encompassing a mixture of beautiful objects, furniture styles, personal art, painted surfaces and great attention to comfort, textures, details and light. “Living well everyday is much more important than getting your house together only for special occasions.” Such beautiful, magazine-worthy spaces Suzanne has created in a range of styles. This is a random selection from her portfolio.

A remodeled Iowa City home

Posted on Mon, 24 Jan 2022 by KiM

I am such a huge fan of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, as you may have come to realize over the years. Her team’s ability to take homes with history, filled with original details, and sympathetically remodel them to make them functional for today’s lifestyle is always impeccable and so perfectly executed. This home in Iowa City takes you back in time yet is contemporary and vivacious. I could not love this more. (Lead designer: Chelsie Lee; Architect: CWB Architects; Photos: Christopher Sturman)

A renovated farm in Buckinghamshire

Posted on Mon, 24 Jan 2022 by KiM

I could totally get behind barn living if it looked like this. Hubert Zandberg tackled the design of this contemporary barn renovation in Buckinghamshire and the bucolic setting and details of the architecture really add character and make this home so welcoming and relaxed.

I am in love with every detail of this Georgian townhouse designed by London-based Barlow & Barlow. A bunch of fun colours (as they do), tons of great built-in storage in almost every room, a to die for outdoor courtyard, a cool velvet wrapped cinema room in the basement (I need this in my next home), so bold and liveable and such great energy.

It can be tough when starting with a builder-grade, white box of nothingness and wanting the result to be cozy and inviting. Marissa Bero managed to do just that in this Manhattan apartment, even with keeping the main living space white. Built-in bookcases create a much more homey feel in the living room area and the plush rug, lounge-y sectional and puppies really add to the chill vibe 🙂 Subtle patterned wallpaper in the bedrooms help add texture but maintain brightness. (Photos: Genevieve Garruppo)