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Reader request – long narrow hallway

Posted on Fri, 6 Aug 2010 by KiM

It’s reader request time, and this one comes from Sarah. “I love your site, and wanted to write in with a design problem I’m facing in an NYC apartment into which I’m about to move. The apartment’s front door opens into a very long, very narrow hallway with no room for furniture and no windows. Do you have any wall decoration recommendations to create a cool entrance effect?” Here are some inspirational photos for you Sarah. Now, some are not THAT narrow and have room for a bit of furniture but I found how the spaces were designed very intriguing (ie. the Domino mag photo after the jump).

Marie Claire Italy Target Living
Gaelle Le Boulicaut Elle Decor
Apartment Therapy Adrienne Chinn
Stuart McIntyre Margaret Mulligan
Sköna hem Eric Roth
jj Locations Location Works
Decor Demon Sköna hem

Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy
Callas Architects
Elle Decor
Marie Claire Maison
Living Etc.

More hallway art

Posted on Fri, 20 Apr 2007 by KiM

Here are some more inspirational photos of art displayed in hallways for your viewing pleasure.

Shamir Shah Wheeler Kearns
The Apartment Edward I. Mills
Callas Shortridge New York Magazine

Hallway Art

Posted on Tue, 27 Feb 2007 by KiM

So you have a hallway. And you have some art. How about hanging your art in your hallway? Hallways don’t just have to be pass-throughs from one room to another – why not make it into your own little art gallery? Here are some examples to get you thinking of the potential of your own bland, boring hallways that are screaming for a little attention.