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Ready for Easter without even trying

Posted on Thu, 18 Mar 2021 by KiM

When you have absolutely nothing to do to prepare for Easter decorations… This gorgeous historic stone home in the Poconos designed by SCW Interiors has bunnies scattered among the decor and has a distinctive Easter colour palette. Rustic and traditional feels with some modern patterns added in here and there to keep it fresh.

Jo shared the 17th century, 3,300 sq ft Milan palazzo of designer Vincenzo De Cotiis a few years ago and I recently stumbled upon it again and because it truly is one of the most exquisite homes I have ever seen I wanted to share it again. This is what taking the time to peel back years and years of layers can get you. And when you leave it raw and untreated, it is absolutely magical and something to be revered for years to come. (You can read more about it here and here)

Photos: Simon Watson, Joachim Wichmann

I hope to one day find myself with a home that needs serious renovations, where I make decisions on what original details should stay and mix it with clean lines of modern architecture. This apartment in the Literary Quarter of Madrid has beautiful textured walls and beams maintained from the original 1900 structure and it really makes the space that much more unique and intriguing. Designed by Marisa González-Llanos, via Elle Decor Spain, photos by Pablo Sarabia.

Sunday at my dream property

Posted on Sun, 31 Jan 2021 by KiM

I spotted this breathtaking, incredulous home comprised of a collection of Cotswolds stone barns the other day @ Shoot Factory (located in Cirenchester, Gloucestershire, England) and was blown away. Unfortunately the owners did not do the decor justice so I’ll share only one photo of the interior but WOW the gardens and expanse of space of this property are a dream!!! Also having a series of Cotswold stone barns This has me wanting to buy ALLLLL the boxwoods and convince my husband he loves trimming them. There’s something about symmetry and order to landscaping that really speaks to me.

I would give anything to be able to spend summers in a place like this. How beautiful!!! Faraway Farm is a remote five bedroom rural farmhouse in Carmarthenshire accessible only by foot. (or a 4×4!) Approached down a mile long rough farm track where a vehicle can be parked up, and then on foot across the pedestrian bridge over the ford towards the house. The house is completely off-grid so power is limited. The interiors are dark and atmospheric and for a new renovation appear to be completely authentic. There are log burners in the house, open fireplaces, a mixture of stone on the ground floor and wood floors on the first and second floors. Available as a location home via Shoot Factory.