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Reader request – bay windows

Posted on Thu, 23 Sep 2010 by KiM

I hear fairly often from readers that they don’t know what to do with window treatments for bay windows. I frankly hate bay windows unless they come with a gorgeous century old Victorian house. Otherwise they are typically 80s non-descript nightmares. I received a request for each of these scenarios recently:

Just closed on a new house, and though we will not be renovating for some time (while hubby finishes his Masters) a certain level of charm is required :))) We have a total of 4 bay windows (minto makes ugly bay windows, just a side note) that begin about a foot below the ceiling, not always centered on the wall and DON’T take up the whole wall. in my mind they look too deep, too low and very very awkward. I was wondering if you have any pictures of fresh, clean and not too too spare ways of decorating these. I find many people either go overboard with curtains or go very sparse with just blinds. I am hoping to have roll up blinds for privacy, but can’t decide on what to do for the charm factor 🙂” – Nat

Could you give any ideas on how to dress a bay window in a living room of a period/Edwardian house? I have been searching for it for a while but I am finding difficult to find anything…. ideally something not to heavy looking, so that the living room does not look any smaller.” – Susana

I went through my stash of living rooms photos (thousands) and found the following that included bay windows. Now, some of these window treatments are a little odd or impratical, and some I don’t really like, but it’s all I had. I am a fan of either sheers like the first photo, or wooden blinds with curtains at each edge similar to the James Merrell photo. Hope this helps ladies!!

Living Etc.
Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi
Shoot Factory
Light Locations
Kwinter & Co.
Guido Barbagelata
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James Merrell
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Living Etc.

Steven Gambrel Selina Lake
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Living Etc. John Janik
jj Locations Andreas Trauttmansdorff

Flickr finds – café curtains (mostly)

Posted on Sun, 29 Aug 2010 by KiM

Flickr finds – window seats

Posted on Sun, 20 Jun 2010 by KiM

Reader request – curtains

Posted on Thu, 1 Apr 2010 by KiM

It’s about time for another reader request. This one is from Nadine: “I am wondering if you might have some inspirational curtain or window dressing photos? We are just moving into our new (well new to us) unit and are having a little trouble deciding how to hang some curtains… i.e. to the floor or to the bottom of the window sill etc. Any advice or examples would be greatly appreciated.” Now I often find myself wondering what to do with window treatments, in particular curtains, and never really know what rules I should be following. After going through my photo stash, it’s pretty clear that the acceptable standard is long curtains that either just touch the floor or puddle a little. And in my search that was for the most part all I found. My 2 cents is that if you have a small window and you’re trying to keep the space casual, then hanging a curtain that ends a foot or 2 below the window works. I did that in my office in my haste to do something with my little window. I happened to have had a piece of fabric I was dying to use that covered the window with about 15″ going below the window frame and just hooked it up on clips….a year and a half later and they’re still up and looking adorable (to me anyway). So here is some inspiration for you Nadine. And if anyone has any curtain tips for Nadine please do leave a comment.

Lori Dennis
Tracey Butler
Phoebe Howard
Rodolphe Foucher
Blount Design

Amanda Nisbet Eric Roth
Atlanta Bartlett Simon Brown
Steven Gambrel House Beautiful
Siskin Valls
Retrouvius Guido Barbagelata
Perianth Rodolphe Foucher
Domino Judy King

Paint question

Posted on Mon, 9 Feb 2009 by KiM

Laura wrote us an email with the following:

“I was inspired by this entry to ask you a question. There is a lot of discussion about the perfect white paint, but I have yet to come across a discussion about the perfect off white/cream/beige paint. I know people use it because I see it every so often in Domino. One of the things that I love about Domino so much, is that they talk about paint colors. White is discussed a lot. But, I’ve noticed that if there is a picture of a space with an off white/cream colored wall, the paint is hardly ever mentioned. If the perfect white is so often hotly debated, why not the perfect off white?

I am really looking for the perfect color for a room in my house that I am working on. Just to prepare you for the picture, we had a terrible water pipe leak and as a result we had to tear down most of the left wall and some of the ceiling. You can see in the picture the new dry wall. Also, our windows are very special. They were made from old telephone pole wood. Every window in the house is some variation of this window. I don’t plan on painting the wood or the baseboards. I’ve already painted one bedroom a robin’s egg blue that looks beautiful. I plan on painting the master a light gray (right now it is a horrible yellow). But this room I wanted to do in a cream color. Hopefully, this will be a child’s room someday and I want a nice neutral background that will be able to take on blue or pink accent colors. As you can see in the picture the color that the previous owner’s of the house used is a beige, but it has a lot of yellow in it, which I don’t particularly like.

Here is the room. I apologize in advance for the chaos, but I am still working on the drywall:”

What a beautiful window – and a whole house of them?!?! I am very jealous. I explained to Laura that I had absolutely no experience with off-white, while I always stick to pure white or light grey when I’m looking for a neutral paint colour. My suggestion for a non-off-white would be a light grey as I think it would be really pretty with blue or pink. But I thought I’d throw this out to you guys if anyone has any paint colour suggestions for Laura. What’s your favourite off-white or beige?