Kim’s favourite pets on furniture 2019

Posted on Mon, 30 Dec 2019 by KiM

Moon and Mischa from this post

Sofie from this post

Gimmy from this post

Louie from this post

Zoe from this post

Rufus from this post

Spencer and Carl from this post

Kejo and Vinjie from this post

Athena from this post

Louie (again) from this post

Egon from this post

Tully from this post

Buxus from this post

Rickie from this post

And some from me, of each of my cats (with the exception of Georgie, who is feral and hides most of the time so there are no pics of her on furniture)

Bernie from this post

Felix from this post

Frankie from this post

Lucky from this post

Milo (and Phoebe) from this post

Mimin and Phoebe from this post

Ingebjorg says:

Thank you for featuring my cat Sofie on your blog earlier this year.
Sadly Sofie got sick and passed away this summer. I now have a new cat, Kajsa, who is defenitely alive and kicking!
Looking forward to another year of following your wonderful blog!

KiM says:

You’re so welcome. Sorry to hear Sofie passed but glad to hear you’ve got a new kitty 🙂

Julie Cade says:

Love these posts and so many of the places you feature. Happy New Year.

KiM says:

Happy new year to you Julie! Glad you’re enjoying our finds 🙂

Carmen from Karlsruhe/ Southgermany says:

Many thanks to you and Jo for many years of joy reading your blog. You always made my day!
A happy and healthy new year to you both and your loved ones 🤗

KiM says:

Thank you so much for being a long time reader of our blog Carmen and happy new year to you and yours as well! XOXO

Lisa T. says:

Yay, my beloved Egon made your year-end post! He is currently chilling under the sofa as fireworks rage above Berlin. His brother Charlie has been hiding in a closet all evening, just waiting for the NYE terror to be over…

KiM says:

Poor babies! Luckily they don’t do fireworks here on NYE.

Jojie Diaz-Moore says:

Happy New Year Kim!!!
Looking at your posts is one of my daily rituals.
We are so thankful that Kejo and Vinjie made it to one of your favourite pets on furniture 2019.
More blessings to you and your family!

KiM says:

Happy new year to you Jojie! XOXO

Patricia Rauss says:

Oh how heartwarming… pets on furniture. Endearing. Could look at a million more!
Thanks Kim and Jo for smiles on New Years Eve.

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