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Contemporary yet classic, luxurious yet liveable, a relaxed oasis in the bustling city. Let’s just call it a neutral nirvana. Kensington Apartment by Emma Shone-Sanders of London-based Design & That Studio.

Mas Pla de Calabuig

Posted on Wed, 19 Apr 2023 by KiM

In a small part of the Empordà paradise is Mas Pla de Calabuig, a place of 5 hectares of peace, of exquisite decoration full of details and with a unique Mediterranean garden. Three houses and a studio, a total of 700m2 and with a particular style each but with the harmony of the whole. Let yourself be seduced by every corner you find. A unique Mediterranean vegetable space, with a central garden with a saltwater pool and a pergola covered in natural shade. Enjoy the garden with seasonal organic products.
“Just come and enjoy the freedom of doing nothing. Sometimes by doing nothing, you do everything”
Do nothing? In a place like this? SIGN ME UP!!!

A vintage cottage in Laguna

Posted on Tue, 18 Apr 2023 by midcenturyjo

Light, bright, fresh and fun. Add surf side cool and family-friendly and what do you have? A fabulous vintage cottage redo in Laguna by California-based Raili Clasen of Raili CA Design.

“Donhead House is a handsome Grade II listed building with a complicated history. A house existed on the site in the 17th century, although nothing above ground now exists thereof. In the early 18th century the house was rebuilt and then saw subsequent phases of alteration in the late 18th century, early and late 19th century; each phase has added something of interest to this palimpsest.”

The current owner Dame Nathalie Massanet has set about an ambitious programme of work with
Archer Humphryes Architects ( in collaboration with Donald Insall for conservation and Philip Joseph as interior designer) to create a ‘single family dwelling suitable for contemporary life’. Repair, restore, refurbish and reimagine this building for the 21st century.

“A comprehensive interior design of three independent tourist apartments located in one building, each with an area of 80 m2. Each apartment has a living room with a kitchen and dining room, a bathroom and two bedrooms upstairs. We created the facility for guests who value serenity and relaxation in the countryside surrounded by nature. Mainly natural materials were used to produce equipment and finish the apartment: wood, stone, steel, concrete, linen and woollen fabrics.”

With its traditional wood frame technology and ecologically friendly materials such as hemp concrete (hempcrete) and recycled clay bricks to the mix of bespoke pieces and classic furniture, these zen-like guest spaces are the perfect balm for body and soul. Country Guesthouse by Loft Kolasiński.

Photography by Michał Szałkiewicz of NeNo