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A townhouse garden on West 11th Street

Posted on Tue, 2 Jun 2020 by KiM

As of late I have been spending every bit of free time I have working on backyard projects with my husband. We finally received our shipment of plants (all evergreens – I realized I should embrace our crappy climate and plant things that look alive all year long) so the space is finally coming together. I am not big on flowers. I mean, I love a bouquet every now and then or picking some weeds out of the yard and sticking them in a vase but that’s about it. And that is why I love this townhouse garden project by Sawyer | Berson. It’s just deep greens and black. I love the simplicity yet how lush it is. Can’t really go wrong with classics like boxwoods and English ivy and staghorn ferns.

Lake House Völs

Posted on Mon, 1 Jun 2020 by midcenturyjo


The landscape of Italy’s South Tyrol province is spectacular. From the soaring peaks of the Dolomites to  its dense pine forests and mirror like alpine lakes the region is a haven for those who love the outdoors, summer or winter. Lake House Völs by noa* network of architecture has merged a modern design concept with well-loved tradition to deliver architecture that works in harmony with nature. The larch clad bathing and ice skating pavilion sits quietly in the stunning surrounds providing amenity and simple beauty.

Photography by Alex Filz

Inner city living often throws up the battle of small garden space versus off street parking. The option of having both, garden over garage, is in itself problematic. How to get lush green outdoor space without access to a natural soil profile – in planter boxes, on slab and vault structures? This Paddington plot is a clever and oh so chic solution from Sydney-based Paddington Fieldwork Associates.

Photography by Brigid Arnott

More drama – Paseo de los lagos

Posted on Wed, 27 May 2020 by KiM

Making a statement again with art, dramatic furnishings and in this case within a very large, modern home. Not for the timid. I don’t know many people who would be on board with sliding doors upholstered in bold fabric with huge silver lightning bolt handles. Among other things….. The owners must be art collectors. Or own a gallery. Another project by Carlos López of L.A. Studio.

Oh to have a light filled, art filled, three bedroom, muliple reception room, terrace gardened, super stylish Upper East Side apartment. Oh to have a sleek lined, minimalist chic home. Oh to have the wherewithal to afford one! A dream New York apartment by Timothy Brown Studio.