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A family’s refuge in the Asturian mountains

Posted on Sun, 11 Apr 2021 by KiM

The weather had been incredible this past week. It seems we skipped spring and went right into summer! I’ve been spending all of my time in the backyard and the greenhouse and I could not be happier, especially as we just started another month long stay-at-home order. Speaking of the outdoors, I spotted this home featured on Nuevo Estilo and it is located among the glorious vegetation of the mountainous region of Spain’s Asturias. The home is light and bright and warm, and the views are magical. What a sweet spot for a family retreat! (Architects: Jaime Gaztelu and Ana Fernández de Mendía; Interior Design: Noel Marichalar and Isabel Taboada of M&T Decoration; Photos: Montse Garriga)

We received the following email recently from Sean:
I live in central United States, Iowa, to be exact. I bought a home built in 1955 with some very cool 1950’s charm. I am completely stumped on what to do with the exterior of the home. I don’t want to do massive renovation and remove the 1950’s charm that attracted me, however, I do want to give it a sophisticated and updated look. Is it possible for me to send you a photo? Perhaps readers would want to weigh in on what should be done to give this home new life. I believe it has modest potential. I am lost on how to draw that out. I’m mostly looking for paint and landscaping ideas, however, I am very open to any suggestions. No matter how invasive. It is early Spring here ,so, a great time to get to work cleaning this property up and giving it new life. 

It is such a great house! Here are a couple more photos of it…

Here’s my 2 cents, and I have basically zero experience with an exterior renovation, aside from a complete overhaul of my current home’s landcaping so I really hope our readers will help out with some suggestions too because I’m sure you’ll have better ideas than mine.
Because that fabulous porch overhang darkens the front door area I’d be tempted to paint all the siding white. Or something very light. Very light grey even? And then black trim (or dark grey) along the roofline, front door (or maybe a fun colour for the front door if Sean is feeling adventurous) and windows. I’d be tempted to get a new garage door – one with some frosted glass inserts so that whole section isn’t so solid. If not in the budget paint it black. I’d put tall planters on either side of the garage with something tall in it. (This means house numbers would have to move). And just about anything could go in terms of landscaping but I’d start with something tall/bushy under that narrow window on the right because it’s looking a little awkward.
I had a tough time time finding some decent inspirational photos to go along with this but here’s what I came up with…

A before and after of a house that was a brown/beige and went white and black

Brie Williams via this post

How a shrub/hedge in front of an awkwardly high window results in it making visual sense


When making the exterior a bit lighter really brightens up a house, and with some basic landscaping added the result is really impactful. A sweet before and after…


Another before and after where the landscaping made all the difference

This Old House

Please leave comments below if anyone has some ideas and tips for Sean. Hopefully he’ll send us photos when he’s done 🙂

Classic but contemporary

Posted on Thu, 8 Apr 2021 by midcenturyjo

“A 1970’s townhouse in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs has been transformed into a tranquil and spacious family home designed for entertaining, with a hint of a postmodern design aesthetic.”

It’s the light I love most in this redesign of a four split level home by Sydney-based Tom Mark Henry. Light pouring through the wall of windows, the central staircase with its open treads and glass balustrade and the repeated use of fluted glass.

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French surf shack

Posted on Tue, 6 Apr 2021 by midcenturyjo

Laid back, stylish and at one with its natural surrounds. An easy-going family home at Andernos-les-Bains in southwestern France perfect for entertaining friends (when we can do that again). Formerly a fisherman’s hut it’s now the perfect spot for indoor/outdoor living. Green Villa by Paris-based Maison Particulière.

A modern tree house

Posted on Mon, 5 Apr 2021 by KiM

I may be obsessed as of late with centuries old homes but on the other, completely opposing hand a simple, modern home with a black exterior and concrete floors is something I will always be drawn to. This home is giving me life and is GORGEOUS inside and out. For cityhomeCOLLECTIVE owner Cody’s Derrick’s personal residence, we worked with Sparano & Mooney Architecture and builders Sausage Space to create a “best of both worlds” concept: the goal was to bridge the gap between condo/loft living and a ground-level home that included yard space and room to grow. As lead designer on the project, Cody worked collaboratively with Sparano & Mooney to ensure that a simple but imaginative layout served as the blueprint for a plethora of natural materials and a focus on the elements (water being the feature at the center of the home’s footprint). Local craftsmen were hired wherever possible (in this case, for railings, cabinets, kitchen island, custom dining table, custom pigmented concrete, etc). For the interior design, we focused on a layered approach–from salvaged chandeliers and chairs to plants, books, art, etc.–that would add to the warmth of the open space and balance the newness of the project.